June 22, 2024

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Briton loses half skull in drunken fall – sues PWC

Now he’s suing employers for pressuring him to drink at a company party

He lost half of Britain’s skull in a drunken fall

Michael Brockie survives a nasty fall that results in half of his skull being surgically removed. Now he is suing his employer. He forced him to drink alcohol. Then the decline continued.


Michael Brockie lost half of his skull in 2019.

Michael Brockie (28) has been considered a “walking miracle” since his accident in 2019. His doctors called him after he survived a serious accident. Brockie fell and hit his head. As a result, half of his skull was removed.

Brockie, now an auditor at PWC, is suing his employer. According to British broadcaster ITV, he is suing the company for 200,000 pounds (about 227,000 francs) in negligence.