April 15, 2024

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Nord Stream 2: Photos Prove – Russian ship was at the scene just before the explosion

Nord Stream 2: Photos Prove – Russian ship was at the scene just before the explosion

Gas pipelines

The Russian ship was at the scene before the Nord Stream explosion

According to media reports, the Danish Defense Command confirmed that a patrol vessel took 26 pictures of the “SS-750” four days before the explosions east of the island of Bornholm.


By the end of September 2022, there were four explosions in the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline.


  • A Russian special-purpose vessel was reportedly near the facility four days before the Nord Stream explosions.

  • The Danish army has now confirmed this to a Danish newspaper.

  • The Russian ship is the “SS-750”, a mini-submarine with gripper weapons.

A few days ago Nord Stream Eruption According to the Danish military, a Russian special vessel was in the Baltic Sea near the site of the explosion. The Danish Defense Command The newspaper “Information” confirmed that on September 22, 2022, the patrol vessel “SS-750” took 26 pictures east of Bornholm Island. Four days later there were several explosions in pipelines near Bornholm. Authorities consider it vandalism. It is not known who is responsible for this. Investigations are underway in Germany, Denmark and Sweden.

A crime scene operation is said to have taken place

In mid-April, Danish patrol boat “P524 Nymfen” took a total of 112 photos of Russian ships near the lines on September 22, “Information” reported. At the end of March, “T-Online”, citing information from security sources and publicly available data, believed that Russian military ships operated at the crime scenes a few days before the attacks on the pipelines – “including SS. -750”.

Swedish researcher and intelligence expert Joachim van Braun told “Information” that it was designed to operate underwater. Another expert, Oliver Alexander, was quoted in a report published Thursday evening as saying the ship could theoretically have been in the area for other reasons.

“But this time in this place is special,” he said.

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