June 7, 2023

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“Last generation”: Climate stickers want to freeze Vienna

“The Last Generation”

Climate stickers must shut down Vienna for at least three weeks

Climate activists of the “last generation” are planning the biggest protest yet. They want to block morning traffic in the Austrian capital for three weeks.


The “Lost Generation” group has announced that they want to shut down the Austrian capital Vienna for at least three weeks.

Twitter/Last Gen

  • The “last generation” wants to shut down morning traffic for at least three weeks.

  • Currently, 60 aspirants will participate – twice as many as in February.

  • The new arrivals are only trained for the campaign, but have to stick to the streets again on weekdays.

Activists of the group “The last generation» They are planning their biggest protest wave in Austria to date. Starting Tuesday, morning traffic in Vienna will be paralyzed every day for three weeks, Heute.at reported.

“Maybe a fourth week is possible,” said spokesman Florian Wagner, known for his color attack on a Klimt painting at the Leopold Museum. “It depends on how many people participate,” he continues. Currently, 60 aspirants will participate – twice as many as in February.

Newcomers are trained

Newbies are only trained for campaigns, but have to come back on weekdays Stick to the streets. Traffic should be disrupted to draw attention to climate protection measures. Co-founder Martha Krumbeck won’t be at the start: she’s currently serving a two-week suspended prison sentence.

The “Lost Generation” group in Austria describes itself as “a nonviolent protest movement that can no longer be ignored.” According to his statement, “the major environmental protection movement and the majority of citizens have been neglected for decades”. According to science, there is no time to protect our livelihood. Voluntarily driving less or eating less meat no longer makes sense.

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