July 23, 2024

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Nazi symbols – Far-right rockers: Austria’s police find weapons – News

Nazi symbols – Far-right rockers: Austria’s police find weapons – News

  • Police have seized a large number of weapons from the rockers responsible for the right-wing extremist scene in Austria.
  • More than 70 long guns were found in Upper Austria and Lower Austria.
  • They included machine guns and submachine guns, Director General of Public Security Franz Ruf said Thursday in Vienna.


Austrian police recover weapons worth 1.5 million euros from right-wing extremists


According to their own report, investigators found about 100 pistols, 400 signal weapons, some of which were ready to fire, more than 10,000 rounds of ammunition of various calibers and 1,000 weapon parts suitable for making 500 pistols. .

“Conspiracy Approach”

According to the authorities, the total value of the weapons is 1.5 million euros. Around 550 pieces of Nazi memorabilia such as medals, flags and letters were seized, as well as €600,000 in cash.

According to officials, ten suspects have been arrested for alleged violations of the Arms Act. “The seizure of automatic weapons is an alarming sign of how dangerous this scene is,” said Justice Minister Alma Zadiq (Greens).

The suspects, who remain silent on the charges according to authorities, have acted in a highly conspiratorial manner. In general, the scene can be observed to be “accelerating with professionalization” and trying to network more internationally than ever before, said Omar Haijawi-Birchner, head of the State Security and Intelligence Service (DNS).


In 2022, there were 660 investigations, 100 house searches and 37 arrests into the right-wing extremist scene in Austria. Investigations against the rockers began after investigators learned of the “Banditos” group’s expansion plans to Austria in 2021.

Among those arrested was a “very senior leader” of a former neo-Nazi group. In view of the difficult investigations, the head of the Federal Criminal Police Office, Andreas Holzer, once again criticized the fact that it is not legally possible to monitor diplomatic services in Austria.

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