May 21, 2024

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Malta: Locked in Ryanair flight for three hours in 42 degrees

Malta: Locked in Ryanair flight for three hours in 42 degrees


“People panicked, some left” – Ryanair disaster

A Ryanair flight from Malta to Milan developed into drama: passengers were stranded for three hours in an outside temperature of 42 degrees before the flight took off.


Airport medical staff are treating passengers who are suffering from sunburn.

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  • On Wednesday, a Ryanair flight from Malta to Milan was unable to take off for unknown reasons.

  • Passengers were locked inside a heated chamber for three hours.

  • Some of them have passed out or suffered from panic attacks.

Shocking scenes on an airline flight Ryanair, which should have left Malta for Milan Malpensa at 10am on Wednesday. However, for previously unknown reasons, the flight did not take off for twelve hours – not only that, but the passengers were forced to wait in the cabin for a full three hours before disembarking. At outdoor temperature 42 degree, Without air conditioning. “Corriere della Sera” reported on the case.

Tiktoker Marco Ferrero aka “Iconize” comments on the situation in a Tiktok video: “We’ve been at the airport since ten in the morning, it’s exactly 8:30. They let us go, people are leaving and having panic attacks. The ambulance needs to come.” Meanwhile, video clips show passengers sweating in the cabin, clearly suffering from the heat.

A Consumer Protection Center has been activated

Ivano Giacomelli, the secretary of the Italian consumer protection agency CODIS, has now commented on the incident: “The report of the passengers is frightening, even more so the pictures. There people can be seen exhausted from the sun. Some of them are being treated by ambulance and medical staff on the runway.

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Giacomelli added: “Ryanair needs to take responsibility for this because it cannot be filed as an ordinary incident. We are not just talking about delays here, but about keeping passengers on the plane for hours – between hot temperatures and panic attacks. The consumer advocate announced that they want to clarify the incident as soon as possible and hold those responsible accountable.

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