April 15, 2024

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Leaked documents confirm Putin’s cancer

Leaked documents confirm Putin’s cancer


Leaked documents show Putin has cancer and needs chemotherapy

In a now-public document, two top Kremlin stooges allegedly plotted the downfall of the Russian president. This should be done during Putin’s chemotherapy treatment.


Vladimir Putin’s days in the Kremlin may be numbered.


  • Vladimir Putin has cancer, according to leaked US documents.

  • There have been rumors about Putin’s health in the past.

  • Top Kremlin operatives are now reportedly planning a sabotage operation while the Russian president is apparently undergoing chemotherapy.

The White House has said that according to the secret US documents that have been circulating on the Internet for a few days, there may be a threat to national security. Vladimir Putin’s days in the Kremlin were numbered for several reasons Be.

The Chief of Staff wanted to destroy Putin

A document is said to show Russian Security Council member Nikolai Patrushev and Russian General Staff chief Valery Gerasimov plotting to topple Putin. To undermine the reputation of the Kremlin leader, they want to sabotage the Russian invasion by moving troops from Russia to the southern tip.

According to the document, the move should have taken place on March 5. According to the document, Vladimir Putin was undergoing chemotherapy on that date, so as “Focus Online” writes, these plans could not be prevented or only partially completed.

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“Usually full of steroids”

has been around for a long time Rumors of Putin’s serious illness. In November 2022, a Russian intelligence official said that Putin had early-stage cancer and Parkinson’s disease, and had been heavily injected with steroids.

In early 2023, Ukrainian intelligence chief Krylo Budanov, citing sources in the Kremlin, said he believed Putin was gravely ill. “I think he will die soon,” Budanov said. “Hopefully it will be very soon.”

Also includes photos and videos The Russian president seems bloated Or seems to stick to the top of the table, fueling rumours. The leaked US documents may be the definitive sign that Putin’s cancer is more than just speculation.

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