April 15, 2024

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Italy: Andrea B. He tried to defend himself against the bar

Italy: Andrea B.  He tried to defend himself against the bar


Bear Kills Andrea B – Autopsy Shows How Bad Her Torment Was

The body of 26-year-old Andrea was found last week in a wooded area in Caldes (I). He was killed by a bear. Despite the defense, the Joker didn’t stand a chance.


Andrea B. (26) Did not return from jogging on April 5, 2023.


  • Andrea B. while jogging in nature.

  • A post-mortem was ordered as his body was severely injured. It was revealed that a 26-year-old man was attacked by a bear.

  • The Italian is said to have tried to defend himself against the animal.

It happened last Wednesday in Val di Sole, northern Italy to a tragedy: 26-year-old Andrea B. He was out jogging and his body was later found. An autopsy showed he was killed by a bear named JJ4, also known as “Gaia”. was killed. Based on the findings, investigators believe the 26-year-old must have fought for his life.

According to “Mercur” news, the Joker had serious injuries on his body and face. Deep scratches and bite wounds were found at various places. This led to the suspicion that the Italian had been attacked by a bear.

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Wild bears are a concern

A stick with traces of blood was also found near the body, according to various German media. The material indicates that the 26-year-old man was still trying to defend himself against the bear. Finally, a bite to the neck led to death.

The Trentino Forest Force and the provincial administration have repeatedly warned of possible encounters with wild animals in the region’s forests and mountains. You can see lynxes, wolves and bears. Specifically Because wild bears The area has been a concern for some time. About a hundred bears live in the forest. Local residents reported several attacks on farm animals such as goats in March. Within the first few days of last month, one man had already been attacked. A bear mauled a dog walker, injuring his head and arm.

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