July 20, 2024

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Israel-Gaza War: Israel Kills Hezbollah Commander Salami

Israel-Gaza War: Israel Kills Hezbollah Commander Salami
Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Mohammad Shtaje submitted his resignation letter in Ramallah on Monday. It will be At the request of Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, Arab countries in the region and the United States have applied appropriate pressure..

Vadan TV reported this citing government officials. There have been reports of such a move by Shtaje for some time.

Behind this is Washington's desire to use a fundamentally reformed Palestinian Authority to revive the two-state solution, which has recently become almost meaningless as a comprehensive approach to pacifying the Middle East.

However, Schtaje's potential resignation should initially be seen as a symbolic move, it was said. The politician, considered a loyal servant of Abbas, who has ruled since 2005, will continue to serve as head of the interim government. Forming a new national consensus government could take weeks or months. Its success depends primarily on ending the war in Gaza and withdrawing internationally monitored Israeli forces from the coastal enclave.

The Palestinian Authority (PA), led by Abbas, administers parts of the Israeli-occupied West Bank. The most important faction is the Fatah movement led by Abbas. It is not a member of the Islamist group Hamas, which is waging war against Israel in the Gaza Strip. According to US ideas, a fundamentally reformed PA should govern the Gaza Strip after the end of the Gaza war. Israel vehemently rejects the plan. It does not want to see a Hamas- or Fatah-led PA as the ruling force in Gaza in the future.

The last mentioned ideas about the future role of PA included forming a technical government with non-party people. In these concepts, Hamas would join the Palestinian umbrella organization, the PLO, without being represented by its own ministers in a future Palestinian government. Israel also rejects these plans. (sda/dpa)

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