May 26, 2024

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“I’m a military man”: how Colonel Marcus Reisner declares war


Interview“I’m a military man”: how Colonel Marcus Reisner explains the war in Ukraine

His analytical videos on the war in Ukraine are gaining wide recognition on YouTube: Colonel Marcus Reisner in an interview Objectivity, neutrality and honest assessments of the situation.

Ann Gunter
  • His analyzes of the war in Ukraine made Markus Reisner (46) known to a wider public.

  • Many believe the Austrian colonel’s interpretations.

  • How does Reisner see his role and how does he understand his mission as a military war herald beyond the German-speaking world?

  • In a 20-minute interview, Col. Reisner talks about the importance of honesty and objectivity — and calls for more trust in the military.

Marcus Reisners Analysis of the YouTube War Anti-Ukraine is popular, and the Austrian colonel’s sober interpretations are convincing to many. “The military has to be very honest and objective. It sounds pathetic, but it’s our priority,” says Marcus Reisner.

Colonel Reisner described “Die Zeit” as a German political scientist Carlo Masala “Chief commentator on war between Russia and Ukraine”. How should you be called?

There is a fundamental difference between the two of us. He is a political scientist and I am an army man. The word “declarer of war” may of course be used, but it should be supplemented by the word “army”. Because I am trying to present things from a purely military point of view. And the military claims to be objective and neutral in its assessment of the situation.

Why is the military perspective “objective and neutral”?

Because the military assessment of the situation forms the basis for deploying units with troops. A wrong decision based on faulty situational awareness can result in the death and injury of hundreds, if not thousands, of people. That is why the military must be very honest and objective. It sounds pathetic, but it’s our priority.

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“Word gets around – aided by an information environment that has been characterized by controversies about the truth since the corona crisis.”

Oberst Markus Reisner

Does it have anything to do with the fact that you come from the Austrian army, i.e. neutral Austria?

Of course, this is certainly not only beneficial, because Austria basically lacks perceived relevance in this form, not even when it comes to the military. But I think we made a very important decision at the beginning of the attack, which was to inform people and do it neutrally and neutrally. Since the Corona crisis, I think the word has spread quickly due to an information environment characterized by constant disputes about the truth.

“The military is really trying to explain this difficult time — a historic time — to people.”

Oberst Markus Reisner

So did our Swiss professional colleagues miss the opportunity?

As far as my Swiss or German compatriots are concerned this can in no way serve as advice for me. I can only encourage the media to do this: now is the perfect moment to restore the faith in your own military that you may have lost in recent years.

By asking them. We all enjoyed excellent education. Whether it is the armed forces of NATO countries or the armed forces of Austria and Switzerland, all our armed forces are defensive in nature. So we serve to protect our republic and its people. Here you cannot accuse them of having aggressive thoughts, but rather trying to explain this difficult time – a historical time – to the people.

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