April 19, 2024

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“America’s dumbest killer” ordered poison at work

“America’s dumbest killer” ordered poison at work

Tragedy has occurred in the US state of Colorado. Dentist James Craig killed his wife Angela and left their six children motherless. Reason for murder: The 45-year-old wanted to escape his affair.

But that won’t happen now. Craig was identified as the culprit shortly after his wife’s death. The American was clever in his killing preparations.

Family head allegedly addicted to porn, kills 43-year-old man with “poison cocktail” It contained the chemicals arsenic, cyanide and oleander. But Craig doesn’t know what ratio to mix them together. Then he googled it on his company computer.

But it didn’t stop. The dentist also had chemicals sent to his practice. He told an office manager not to open the package, but another colleague didn’t know. She accidentally opened the package and told one of his business associates and his wife.

When Craig’s wife is suddenly taken to the hospital a short time later, it is soon determined that this was not a natural death. When the business partner’s wife heard about it, she immediately alerted the hospital about the contents of the package.

It soon became clear that the killer must be Craig. Her protein shake was laced with a “poison cocktail.” The dentist was subsequently arrested and is awaiting trial.

In the American media, he has already been described as “America’s dumb murderer”.

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