July 23, 2024

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Hidden secret daughter (18) from Instagram!

Hidden secret daughter (18) from Instagram!

Vladimir Putin is said to have a secret daughter. The teenager continued to share photos of her home on Instagram. Now the profile is gone.

Briefly essentials

  • Luiza Krivonogikh is said to be the daughter of Vladimir Putin.
  • The teenager lives in Monaco.
  • The profile of the 18-year-old was suddenly magical.

Hurricane about supposed teenage daughter Kremlin-Chief Vladimir Putin (69)!

Louisa Kryvonokic (18) and her mother Svetlana (46) have a population of 3.7 million.Franken– Penthouse in Monaco. On Instagram, Luzia showed – The Russian politician Surprisingly similar – his 83,000 followers take pictures of the house over and over again.

The InformationA “Pandora Papers” leak shows that Putin’s boyfriend Svetlana Lucia went to the Monte Carlo garden a few weeks after his birth. This revelation angered Putin. He ordered his country’s journalists to stop buzzing with “dirty laundry of the elite.”

Did Vladimir Putin delete Lucia’s profile?

Now all of a sudden there is no trace of Lucia online. As the “sun” writes, your profile disappears overnight. Kremlin– Viewers believe: Pope Putin Ban her daughter from social websites!

Lucia’s fans are very worried about the handsome young man on Instagram. “Please come back, Lucia,” someone begs. Another asks: “What happened? Did Dad forbid you to publish details about luxury living?

Lucia’s mother is Svetlana Kryvonokic, who worked as a cleaner and is said to have been in contact with Putin. Today he is a businessman and the owner of an empire worth $ 80 million Franken.

How many children Vladimir Putin has is a secret. Addressed His alleged affairsHe said: “I have a personal life in which no one should interfere. Respect it!”

Do your children have an Instagram account?

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