June 15, 2024

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Brigitte Macron defends herself against rumors that she was born a man

Brigitte Macron is taking legal action against conspiracy theorists’ speculation that she was born a man.

Briefly essentials

  • Conspiracy theorists target the wife of Emmanuel Macron.
  • Thus, Brigitte Macron is said to have been born Jean-Michel Trogneux.
  • Now Premier Dame is taking legal action against these speculations.

French Premier Dame Brigitte Macron has taken legal action Website– In front of the conspirators. The 68-year-old is said to have been born a man.

Accordingly, Macron countered these claims on social media. In September they were published on an extreme right-wing website and, as a result, spread by conspiracy theorists.

Right-wing extremists, Corona suspects and QAnon

These include anti-vaccine groups and the QAnon conspiracy movement. Speculation Named under the name according to Macron Jean-Michel Trogneux was born.

Now she has Wife of the President of France Emmanuel Macron Decided to start operations. This was confirmed by his lawyer Jean Ennochi to the AFP news agency. According to “Liberation”, the origin of the story is an article written by journalist Natasha Ray. It was published in the right-wing extremist magazine “Faits & Documents”.

Have you already seen the misinformation on the internet?

The article then a Web lightThemed broadcast. This was not the case until many vaccine opponents Corona– Suspects and right-wing extremists shared misinformation.

Nevertheless, “Le Monde” insists that French conspiracy theorists will now focus on the upcoming presidential election in the spring of 2022. Even Brigitte Macron Targeted by repeated rumors ஆக.

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