June 22, 2024

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Germany: Wife planned to kill husband – he heard

Germany: Wife planned to kill husband – he heard


Doris planned to kill her husband – but he listened

While on holiday, Robert (51) discovers with a friend that his wife is cheating on him and that he is about to die. He immediately arranged a return flight to escape his killers.


Doris tricked her husband Robert into paying €20,000 to use two hitmen on him. Robert found out about this when he bugged the house before going on vacation.

20 min/Celia Nogler

  • Doris and Robert’s marriage seems blissful, until she finds herself cheating on herself with a man from a neighboring town.

  • To get proof of this, he survived the house before going on vacation.

  • That’s how he discovers that Doris and her new boyfriend have plans he shouldn’t survive.

Doris, 46, and Robert, 51, lived together in quiet Windsfield (T) with about 200 other residents. They raised four children together and worked together at the auto paint shop that Robert ran. Yes Doris She cheated on her husband With someone from a neighboring town.

Doris’ infidelity didn’t go unnoticed by Robert, who wanted proof of it. In comparison to “Bild” newspaper, he says: “I go on vacation with a friend once a year. I thought that if something happens, it will happen when I’m gone.” Before moving to Thailand, he kept insects at home. “I was able to listen and record phone calls during the holidays,” says the 51-year-old.

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Unexpected conversations

The bug served its purpose. Robert could now hear conversations from a distance. Not only did he discover that his wife was actually cheating on him, but Doris and her boyfriend wanted to hire an assassin for Robert. “I heard them talking about hiring this Greek for over 20,000 euros, and he knew people who were already on their way to Thailand to get me out of there. A bump in the street, a car runs over me – Jack, done”, it pulled the ground out from under his feet.

Robert immediately responded by booking a flight back to Germany, so he was already gone by the time his killers arrived in Thailand. Then he stayed with a friend for four days. Before that, the Crime Branch informed the police and directed the records to them. At the end of March, Doris, her lover and a Greek intermediary were arrested for “conspiracy to murder”. They were detained. As the judiciary did not assess the potential danger of the two men, they were released again. Doris, on the other hand Imprisonment up to 15 years.

Robert suspects that his wife wanted to kill him because he held a high life insurance policy and that he would have made a fortune as a result.

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