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Sweden: Youth and drug lords – these 40 gangs are at war in Stockholm.

Sweden: Youth and drug lords – these 40 gangs are at war in Stockholm.

Criminal networks

“Fox and Brothers” vs. “The Greek” – Stockholm’s 40 Brutal Gangs

Internal conflicts, bloody spirals of revenge and criminal alliances: 40 gangs and networks call to action in and around Stockholm.


Kristina Pirskanen

Noah Nussel


He was on location in Stockholm for 20 minutes and spoke to local residents, direct victims and the police.

20 min/Nova Nussel and Kristina Pirskanen

  • Since the beginning of the year, there have been 37 shootings in the area around the Swedish capital, Stockholm, resulting in six deaths.

  • Many events can be traced back to the conflict between the “Kurdish fox” and the “Greek”.

  • But other gangs find themselves in dangerous conflict situations.

  • The map shows which 40 gangs operate in Stockholm.

Stockholm is in deadly chaos: murders, shootings and police intervention are almost on the agenda. At the beginning of March, four people were killed in five days – on average, this has happened every day since January An explosion or gunshot.

Authorities in Stockholm have counted 37 shootings since the start of 2023, including six fatalities. 14 explosions – 20 Can be prevented during preparation Aug. But who is behind the brutal violence?

“Fox vs. Greek” showdown

The focus of the conflict is the “Kurdish fox” (36), as it is called in the Swedish media. He is considered to be one of the biggest drug dealers in the country and has several criminal records. He is no longer in Sweden, but controls his network from Turkey – where there is an international arrest warrant against him.

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Diamant Salihu, a journalist and art curator, related to him: “The Fox” told how he had obtained Turkish citizenship and was therefore not deported to Sweden. His Foxtrot network has several alliances with other networks, such as Pro Network and ZordPro’s Zero Network (see map).

Staying abroad helps increase

“The Greek”, as he is called, is the enemy of the fox. According to Swedish police, he is a senior figure in the Dalen network (see map). He is also believed to be abroad. The fact that both leaders are abroad adds to the intensity: they are untouchable to rival gangs and other rivals. As a result, relatives and family members of criminals are targeted.

“It’s about power, controlling the drug market and status,” Salihu explains. According to the police, the two networks primarily fight over the drug market in Stockholm. Bloody record: In the first two months of the new year, police linked five murders, 15 attempted murders and 13 blasts to the conflict.

Rival gangs are also at war in Väsby.


More gangs in conflict

Other gangs also face violent conflicts. In 2022, conflict escalated between two subgroups of the Södertälje network (see map). This led to seven murders. As the standoff reached its peak in the fall, police forces said they were able to prevent at least four more murders together.

The last murder linked to the network is believed to have taken place in March this year: a 30-year-old man was shot dead in front of his nine-year-old daughter in Flemingsberg, south of Stockholm. The victim was known to the police as a leading figure in the Sodertalje network.

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In Forsta, a conflict breaks out between the Forsta-Fagersjö network and Forsta escapes. The clash between Humbo Networks and Tensta-owned HedshotLiga (HSL) is tense. According to police investigations, the Flemingsberg network and the May network are jointly operating against parts of the Podkirka network in southern Stockholm.

The Forsta escapees were part of the Forsta Fagersjo network. Due to a murder, part of the network splits and is at odds with the original gang.


A gang without a leader

According to the police, 452 gang members are currently behind bars or in custody – a record high. Here’s the problem: Many of those arrested are key gang figures. Her absence led to conflict within the gang over succession. “When the leaders are gone there is a power vacuum,” Salihu explains. “Many young offenders now lack a leader – this makes them more violent, impulsive and more dangerous.”

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