May 26, 2024

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Funny pictures and videos of the week

Funny pictures and videos of the week

A subjective selection of the funniest tweets that made us laugh or laugh this week. Enjoy!

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When everything becomes expensive again

Why precise instructions are so important


Robert: “Hi James, I love this photo of me with my girlfriend, but I'm worried about sending it to my family. Could you please make it a little less revealing?”

Graphic designer James Friedman: “Absolutely.”

If only Michelangelo had lived in America


That's how every discussion with “lateral thinkers” goes


Why humanity is lost


How to get rid of 99 percent of Twitter trolls with one tweet


A classic from the internet


If you copy a satirical article from an Austrian tabloid and “Der Postillon” in 2024

Yes, it really happened

Apropos Boeing

“That really took Boeing into consideration. They put a buffer jacket around the plane to keep passengers from getting cold when they fly out the doors.

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Recently in the US

“Who knows the name of the great event that will plunge America into darkness?”

“Trump's Second Term?”

While Elon Musk is once again cozying up to far-right AfD politicians

When Putin is offered a cup of tea

Meanwhile in Bavaria

Replace the CDU/CSU/AfD with the SVP/FDP


If you really try everything


A young man 100 years ago

It's funny because it's true


Spot the difference

How the Crypto Market Works

When you explain to your girlfriend why there's suddenly a PlayStation 5 next to the TV

Finally this



People you don't want next to you on a plane


People you don't want next to you on a plane

Something like that should be comfortable.
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Alina was at the tantric massage – now more confused than before

Video: Watson

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