July 23, 2024

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EU debates tourist visa ban for Russians as leverage on regime

European politicians have called for a visa ban on Russian tourists

“Russians vacationing in Europe is intolerable”

Pressure is mounting within the EU to restrict tourist visas for Russians. Estonia and Finland have already decided to take this step. The ban on the Schengen area will also affect Switzerland.


A Russian passport. Will entry into the Schengen area soon become more difficult?

Europe has been debating a visa ban for Russian tourists for some time. Finland, which borders Russia directly and attracts many Russian shopping tourists, is now the second European country to restrict entry from Russia. Estonia advanced first. The EU unilaterally imposed a visa freeze on Russians without waiting for a decision.

Responsible: Estonian Prime Minister Kaja Kallas (45). of “Bild” newspaper He said: “It is unacceptable to any of us in Europe that Russian citizens can travel as tourists within the EU, while people are being tortured, murdered and terrorized in Ukraine. Tourism, he said, “is a privilege, not a right”.