July 23, 2024

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Corona virus: Opponents attack each other

Corona virus: Opponents attack each other

Protests erupted again over the weekend in Vienna due to corona virus activity. Demo participants nodded at each other.

Briefly essentials

  • There are regular protests by protesters in Vienna.
  • Also last Saturday, a protest march through the Austrian capital.
  • This led to conflicts between the demo participants.

Corona demonstrations are usually organized in the Austrian capital. Opponents of the move are meeting and walking the streets of Vienna. This shows that there are differences of opinion among the protesters The latest example from last Saturday.

Corona virus: Activists attacked

Among the protesters are 70 activists who “stand up for students”. They have various banners and logos in the demo.

One of the participants carried a sign that read “Forever Antiphobic”. This soon becomes clear: it is not a good idea to speak out against fascism in the Corona demo. Because it is known That the conspirators bubble And those who oppose the move are attracting various right-wing groups.

One of these groups is the “right youth” Demonstration Is also referred to as. In one TwitterThe video shows how masked members of the right-wing group harass students. The said shield will also break quickly.

There is a melee and Asks one of the masked men: “We are protesters, what are you?” The answer is almost the same: “We are the protesters, you do not even have the courage to show your face.”

The quick brilliant answer is rejected with a kick. Then other actions try to calm the situation of suspicion.

According to the “heute.at” report, “perfect enthusiasts” are attracting more and more negative attention during the demo. Police officers throw firecrackers in the coming direction and break the police chain. Also, the maids were allegedly assaulted and threatened.

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