June 22, 2024

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CNN “Town Hall”: Trump wants to pardon Capitol rioters if he wins election

CNN “Town Hall”: Trump wants to pardon Capitol rioters if he wins election

CNN “Town Hall”

If he wins the election, Trump wants to pardon the Capitol rioters

Former US President Donald Trump repeated his lie in his opening appearance on CNN that the 2020 election victory was stolen from him.


Former President Donald Trump attends a CNN Republican Party “Town Hall” hosted by CNN’s Kaitlan Collins.

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  • On Wednesday evening (local time), the former US president gave a rare CNN interview.

  • There he repeated his lie about the 2020 election fraud and blamed Pence.

  • If he is re-elected, he must pardon the rioters who attacked the Capitol, he said.

  • He also left open whether he would accept the official decision of the 2024 presidential election.

“I think if you look at the results and what you have Happened in this electionIf you don’t Very stupid person You can see what happened,” Trump said in an interview with CNN on Wednesday evening (local time). According to Republicans, the presidential election that put Democrat Joe Biden in office was rigged.

CNN anchor Caitlan Collins clashed with Trump. “This is not a rigged election. This is not a stolen election,” he said. Trump stuck to his oft-denied claim and accused Collins of pursuing a political agenda.

When the language falls on his property search, he tells the appraiser, “You’re a bad person,” “You’re a bad person,” in German.

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Citizens who are close to Republicans or unaffiliated with either party are allowed to ask questions on the show moderated by Collins. Trump is running for the Republican presidential nomination in the 2024 election — and he needs to pass his party’s primary to do so.

Trump’s appearance on CNN is unusual because the broadcaster is considered a liberal and has been repeatedly attacked by the 76-year-old.

Mike Pence is “a very nice man”

When asked about Vice Mike Pence, whom he pilloried at the time, he said: “He’s a very good man. He made a mistake.” Asked by moderator Kaitlan Collins if he should apologize to Pence, Trump said, “No, because he did something wrong. ” said. Pence presided over a session of Congress as vice president during the Capitol attack in January 2021 — a purely ceremonial task from a legal point of view, but Trump had previously publicly called on his vice president to block the practice. He openly incited his supporters against Pence.

If he returns to the White House, Trump wants to pardon the rioters convicted of attacking the US Capitol. “I want to forgive many of them,” he said during the interview.

Asked if he would also pardon members of the far-right Proud Boys, he evasively replied: “I’ll have to look at their case.” But he might say you didn’t get a fair trial in Washington.

If the test is “Honest” then accept the result

Donald Trump has made it clear whether he will accept the official outcome of the 2024 presidential election. “If I think it’s a fair election, I’ll certainly do it,” Trump responded on a CNN show Wednesday evening (local time) when asked if he was committed to accepting the election result.

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Moderator Caitlan Collins asked again: “Would you accept the election result regardless?” “If I think it’s an honest election, I’ll be honored,” Trump replied, again vaguely.

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