July 23, 2024

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A sharp criticism of the now chaotic regional mobilization from Putin loyalists

In Russia, the mood is changing

Even Putin’s propagandists decry the chaotic regional mobilization

It is brewed in Russia. With the partial mobilization announced by President Putin, the far-flung war has so far reached the most important cities of Moscow and St. Petersburg. Even Putin’s supporters are now harshly critical. People are confused and “angry” about autocracy.


The partial mobilization was one of many protests and arrests in Russia since the announcement.

There is a new fear in Russia. According to reports, warlord Vladimir Putin, 69, is now sending protesters directly to war. After this week’s protests in Moscow, 200 people delivered their draft documents in person. News portal “Nexta” reports that you should immediately go to war.

The Russian Telegram channel “General SVR”, which has been spreading unadorned and reliable inside information from the Kremlin since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, is now rushing to the aid of young people threatened by service at the front. Two separate channels were set up, one for Moscow and one for St. Petersburg—channels dedicated to youth of service age. “Can Save Lives”“General SVR” writes.