April 15, 2024

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“Climate Shakira” wanted “a lot of chaos” — and then came the arrest

“Climate Shakira” wanted “a lot of chaos” — and then came the arrest

Protest in Vienna

“Climate Shakira” wanted “a lot of chaos” — and then came the arrest

Climate activist Anja Vindal, who was caught on Wednesday, spoke about the motives behind the crime – and was taken away by police shortly after.


On May 3, 2023, Anja Windl took part in the “Last Generation” protest against Franz-Josef-Kais in Vienna.


  • There were massive traffic jams in the city of Vienna on Wednesday.

  • Activists of the “last generation” have closed many bridges.

  • Anja Vindal was also there.

die The last generation of climate activists It heralded the largest wave of protests in Austria until May. For four weeks, they want to set an example for their cause every day. There were many activities with Franz-Joseph-Kays in Vienna on Wednesday. Activists chose both Friedensbrück and Aspernbrück near Urania as locations for their rallies.

It was only after some time that the police decided to take action against the activists who were plastered on the Aspern Bridge. It was once again with the party “Klima-Shakira” by Anja Vindal. Windl explained to the “Heute” portal why the protest is important: “Because we see that the government is not fulfilling its responsibility in any way.”

“It’s blasphemy”

As a place of protest, the activist added, bridges are “usually relatively well-suited to instigating relatively large-scale traffic chaos relatively quickly.” Many people who were waiting were disturbed by this protest. A passer-by alleged that the activists had no training. Unfazed, he returned with the words, “You’re so stupid, it’s crazy.”

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A Vienna police spokesman explained the reluctant attitude of the authorities by saying that local traffic was being diverted. The waiting with official coercive measures was coordinated with the official representative, because initially “there were no legitimate grounds for dissolution”. It was only a short time later that the crowd confirmed that the meeting was disbanded. Climate activist Anja Windle was temporarily detained.

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