June 15, 2024

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Boy († 5) puts a dinosaur balloon over his head and suffocates

Tragedy in Britain

Boy wants to play dinosaur with helium balloon – and dies

A boy in Great Britain wanted to surprise his family in a dinosaur costume and died in the process. He had a helium balloon over his head. His mother now wants to draw attention to the deadly dangers of helium balloons.

It was fun and ended in death. Little Carlton Donaghey († 5) lost his life in Great Britain at the end of June. Her mother has now spoken out to save other parents from this ordeal.

The boy had a dinosaur balloon over his head and couldn’t pick it up. He fainted. A five-year-old boy dressed as a dinosaur went to the bathroom with a balloon. When he did not return, his mother Lisa Donaghey (43) took care of him.