July 23, 2024

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“Boris Johnson is behind the wall”

According to experts, Boris Johnson is actually on his back against the wall, but …

“No one knows how far he will go to gain power.”

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 57, is currently in office. But experts agree that the politician has become too weak. His unpredictable fear increases.

Posted: 07.06.2022 20:33

A day after escaping the no-confidence vote, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, 57, stepped in front of cameras on Tuesday morning. A few hours ago, 211 MPs from his Tory party voted in favor of him. This makes it clear: Johnson will be prime minister – at least for now.

Johnson talks about a “line” that wants to leave the partygate affair and look ahead. “But it’s not that easy. Johnson’s been massively weakened,” said Heckhard Danman, 63, a British expert at the British Research Center in Berlin. “The index of 100 MPs against Johnson is the first limit. Now there were even 148 delegates. This is historically bad. “