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A German journalist criticized Switzerland

A German journalist criticized Switzerland

Jan Fleishhauer

“Pitzeli is for sale, Pitzelli is cowardice” – German journalist lashes out against Switzerland

Journalist Jan Fleischhauer doesn’t have good hair about Switzerland. In his article he lashes out against CS, neutrality and Switzerland’s role in World War II.


“Focus” journalist Jan Fleischhauer pulled hard on Switzerland.

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  • In a “Focus” column, a journalist settles accounts in Switzerland.

  • “Discipline only lasts from here to the next ATM” from the SVP.

  • Hitler didn’t even have to march that time – “he got what he wanted.”

Journalist Jan Fleischhauer was highly critical of Switzerland. “E Pitzeli for sale, E Pitzeli cowardice: That’s Switzerland. Unfortunately,” is the headline of his “Focus” column “Fleischhauer’s Black Channel”. Switzerland is a bit like China – Spectacular nature, every luxury imaginable For those who can afford it. “One should not ask about the principles that hold the whole thing together,” Fleischhauer writes.

Albert Speer and Idi Amin

He really likes Switzerland, the journalist continued. Mountains are “big”. There are “decent wines and great cheese”. In addition, everything is very clean and tidy: “Basically in Baden-Württemberg, the Alps and the Paradeplatz.” According to Fleischhauer, one should not ask more precisely how the Swiss make money. An incalculable part of Switzerland’s wealth it owes to socializing with people “who wouldn’t give you a little finger anywhere else,” the journalist continued.

Die Credit Suisse Always one address for all “recipients of money from unofficial sources”. Fleischhauer would not be surprised “if the new owners visit the vault and find lockers bearing the names of Albert Speer or Idi Amin.” Note: Albert Speer was considered the architect of Adolf Hitler. Idi Amin was the dictator of Uganda whose eight-year rule killed between 300,000 and 400,000 people.

Swiss neutrality as a license

Fleischhauer describes Swiss neutrality as “another term for the continuation of commercial activities under altered conditions.” It’s a license not to let anyone spoil you under any circumstances, even the worst slashers and blood drinkers.

He points out that Germany was not allowed to supply Kiev with tank ammunition bought in Switzerland for the Cheetah. “Swiss People’s Party and Green Party jointly revoke distribution permit. One knows from SVP that discipline only extends from here to the next ATM. Few were surprised to find the Greens aligned with Russia’s supporters. With SVP they think they will simulate Switzerland. “But really, the Swiss get to be themselves on the greens: a little for sale, a little cowardly, but always moving with their noses up,” Fleischhauer continued.

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“Then switch to rubles”

“The Swiss live under the assumption that it is none of their business if a country invades its neighbors. If tomorrow the Russians take over East Germany, as announced, business relations will simply be transferred to rubles,” the journalist is sure.

Share of Switzerland In World War II Fleischhauer describes it this way: “Hundreds of thousands who are said to have been saved from persecution are only several thousand when seen in the light of day. The Jews had better luck than the Jewish refugees anyway. Unfortunately, after World War II, people forgot that there were significant sums of money in accounts. Switzerland was too insignificant for Hitler to invade. Finally, he fires one last salvo: “Swiss legend has it that the Führer withdrew from the Alpine fortress. The truth is, he got what he wanted.”

You can find the entire column and reader comments here Here.

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