May 21, 2024

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64 percent worry about their mental health

64 percent worry about their mental health

According to a published survey, most Americans are very concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • More than two-thirds of all Americans are concerned about Biden’s sanity.
  • A new survey shows growth, especially among Democrats.
  • The “wear jockey” incident at the end of September may have affected many.

“Jackie, are you here? Where’s Jackie? I think she’s supposed to be here.”

These short sentences were taken care of at the end of September It caused a stir in America. Reason: At a briefing at the White House – none other than US President Joe Biden spoke.

The 79-year-old was looking for him U.S. Representative Jackie Walorski, He was one of the signatories of the legislation sponsoring the convention. But: Jackie died in a tragic car accident in August. Biden and his wife, Jill, also expressed their condolences in a statement at the time.

It has to be heard again and again that he is not fit for the presidency. A new poll from “Issue & Insights/TIPP” now shows: Apparently, more voters see it that way.

Is Joe Biden too old to be President of the United States?

Two-thirds of American voters are concerned about Joe Biden’s mental health. To be more precise: 64 percent of those surveyed said they were somewhat or very anxious. This number is up 5 percent from the same survey in August.

Democrats are worried about Joe Biden

Especially explosive: Almost all of the confidence came from within Biden’s own party. In August, only 39 percent of Democratic respondents expressed their concerns. It was already 52 percent in the last survey. The biggest difference in the two-month gap between interviews was the supervisor “Were’s Jockey”.

But a strange incident on the sidelines of a donor conference at the UN General Assembly a week ago may have had an impact. When Biden wanted to leave the stage after his speech, He couldn’t find his way out. He paced back and forth on stage several times.

Joe Biden looks confused and lost. – Twitter /@RNCResearch

The poll also shows that just 15 percent of voters are “not concerned” about Biden’s mental health. Another 15 percent said they were “not very concerned.” The overall number of those who are not concerned is down 9 percent from August.

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