April 1, 2023

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150 million francs: More than two tons of cocaine washed ashore on French shores

150 million francs

More than two tonnes of cocaine washed ashore on French shores

This is not the first time cocaine has washed ashore in Normandy. This time the packages were found on two different beaches.


Drugs were washed elsewhere in Néville-sur-Mer.


  • More than two tonnes of cocaine washed ashore on two beaches in northern France.

  • The medicine is packed in a waterproof package.

  • The market value is equal to around CHF 150 million.

were higher than on the coast of northern France Two tons of cocaine The shore receded. On Thursday, the AFP news agency learned from informed sources that waterproof packages of drugs were found on two beaches. The market value of discovered cocaine is estimated at approx 150 million Franken.

The first batch of drugs was reportedly found on Neville Beach in Normandy last Sunday. It contained 800 kilograms of cocaine. Later on Wednesday, more drugs were found on the beach in nearby Vic-sur-Mer. Investigators believe more drugs may be washing up on beaches.

No knowledge of origins

According to reports, the police still have no information on where the cocaine came from. Drug dealers may have voluntarily thrown themselves overboard to avoid arrest. Or according to another theory, the drugs were washed overboard in bad weather.

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This is not the first time cocaine has been found on French beaches. At the end of 2019, packages containing a total of 1,600 kilograms of cocaine appeared on the Atlantic coast between Saint-Jean-de-Luz in the southwest of the country and Camaret in the northwest. At the end of May 2022, packages containing a total of 21 kilograms of the drug were found on a beach in the municipality of Berg in northern France.

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