July 20, 2024

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Vladimir Putin is said to have undergone surgery

Vladimir Putin is said to have undergone surgery

Vladimir Putin is said to have been suffering from poor health for a long time. He is currently said to have undergone surgery. At the same time, a video causes speculation.

Briefly essentials

  • Vladimir Putin is said to have had surgery to remove fluid from his stomach.
  • At the same time, a new video offers more speculation about his health.
  • This sparked rumors of a possible Parkinson’s disease for the politician.

Speculation about the Russian president’s health continues to circulate. So he must have been seriously ill Parkinson’s, cancer and one Suffer from schizophrenic disorder. Sources in the Russian opposition now say that Vladimir Putin has had a successful operation.

Fluid was removed from the politician’s stomach. Long before that Ukraine war Putin was repeatedly told on the Telegram channel “General SVR” that he would suffer from stomach cancer.

At the same time, it was pointed out that the surgery to remove fluid from the abdominal cavity was performed independently of his cancer surgery. Vladimir Putin is about to meet the latter.

In the video: Vladimir Putin can no longer hold the grudge

The channel, among other things, was designed by a former high-ranking official Kremlin– Officer to be headed. He was associated with the Russian political scientist Valery Dmitrovich Solovy. The latter has repeatedly stated that he has extensive knowledge of Putin’s health.

In an interview Web light– Channel “Zhivoi Gvozd” Solovey said: “This is an undeniable fact. [Putin] There is a whole bunch of serious diseases. “

Do you think Putin is sick?

As fuel Become rumors of Putin. The nearly 70-year-old did not play in the ice hockey game last week and he usually does not miss. It writes “Mirror”. In addition, the video for “The Independent” caused a stir.

Putin was unable to set foot in the meeting with the Tajik president. – Twitter / @ triantafyllidi2

It shows the Russians meeting with Tajik President Emomalij Rahmon. strike: Putin can use his left foot Do not be silent.

It is not possible to confirm whether this indicates a possible Parkinson’s disease. However he acknowledged that their numbers were not enough to defeat Rahman’s government.

In the meantime he stops Kremlin According to him, the Russian president is in good health.

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