June 15, 2024

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Vienna Favorites: Rape victim (12) Displaced


WeenAcquittal: Rape victim (12) must flee

17 youths are absconding after allegedly abusing a twelve-year-old girl for a long time. The affected families live in fear.

Karin Ludold
  • A twelve-year-old girl from Vienna was allegedly raped by at least 17 teenagers over a period of one month.

  • The accused are absconding.

  • The victim’s mother fears for her daughter.

* Anna’s mother, a victim of sexual abuse, is desperate: her family has experienced “terrible things” in the past few months, as she puts it. But instead of getting protection from the government, the family feels abandoned. And to avoid danger, she finds only one way: to escape with her daughter.

The then twelve-year-old girl was raped for a long time in the Favoriten district of Vienna. Austrian police arrested 17 youths between the ages of 13 and 18 in February. They are of Syrian, Turkish, Italian, Bulgarian and Serbian descent.

Anna was sexually assaulted in stairwells, hotel rooms, private rooms and garages. All the accused are absconding, while Anna continues to struggle with the physical and mental agony she has endured.

The school was transferred, but not really exempt

“Because of my daughter’s drama, our life has developed in a terrible direction,” the mother tells “Kronen Zeitung”. “I don’t have the courage to let her out without protection and a pocket alarm device anymore. There are days when she can’t leave her bed due to depression and panic attacks. And she has severe sleeping problems,” said the victim’s mother.

The girl has already changed schools so she doesn’t have to deal with the bullies. But “there is no real freedom from them,” complains the mother. According to their reports, the young people continue to hang out in a park near their former apartment.

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A tough road back to normal

The woman is appalled that the accused have not been arrested: “If the government doesn’t protect my child from them, we have to do all the options we have,” she says. “We’re currently in the process of moving away from favorites,” he reveals. She didn’t want to say where. So much for: “To a place where no boys are allowed to know.”

The mother eventually says that the youths “robbed her daughter of her childhood.” “The road back to normal will be a long, hard one for them.”

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