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Tick ​​bite: ChatGPT saves dog Sassy’s life

Tick ​​bite: ChatGPT saves dog Sassy’s life

Saved lives

The vet was unable to help Sasi, so her master consulted ChatGPT

After being bitten by ticks, the dog, Sassy, ​​became anemic and her condition did not improve. ChatGPT rushed in and saved her life.


After being bitten by a tick, Sassi suffered from anemia caused by an infectious disease called babesiosis. However, the treatment had no effect and Bich’s condition continued to deteriorate.


  • After being bitten by a tick, the dog Sassy became anemic.

  • However, as the treatment did not work, Sasi’s condition continued to deteriorate.

  • When the vet couldn’t help, Sassy’s owner contacted ChatGPT – successfully.

Extraordinary abilities Artificial Intelligence ChatGPT No longer a secret. But recently she’s saving lives: a dog named Sassy has given her life to ChatGPT’s potential in a clinical trial. AI saved a dog from a tick-borne disease — even though experienced vets couldn’t.

A little bored After a tick bite Through it the disease called babesiosis spreads to anemia. Despite medical diagnosis and appropriate treatment, his condition deteriorated again after a few days. Sassy’s owner, who shared the story on Twitter, then rushed back to the vet — and again, after several tests, was diagnosed with anemia.

However, the treatment was still ineffective and Sasi’s condition continued to deteriorate. Additional tests for possible co-infections associated with tick-borne diseases all came back negative. Dr Sasi didn’t know how to help and advised him to wait and see.

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ChatGPT rushed to the rescue

However, Sassi’s master didn’t want to stop there and asked ChatGPT for help. “Meanwhile, it occurred to me that medical diagnosis would be much better for ChatGPT, so I described the situation to the AI ​​in great detail,” the owner said on Twitter.

In fact: a paid AI service called ChatGPT or ChatGPT 4 was the solution. “His explanation was correct and suggested that the anemia could be due to other causes,” the owner said. ChatGPT presented several possible causes of anemia. Regarding diseases already diagnosed by a veterinarian, there is only one diagnosis after the exclusion principle: immune-related hemolytic anemia.

Sassi’s owner then rushed to another vet and specifically tested Sassi for immune-related hemolytic anemia. Tests were positive, ChatGPT was perfect. Sasi has received proper treatment and is now able to chase sticks again.

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