June 22, 2024

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The Russians simulated a missile attack on Estonian airspace

The Russians simulated a missile attack on Estonian airspace

With a MI-8 helicopter used in the Ukraine war, the Russians penetrated Estonian airspace and simulated a rocket attack – not for the first time.

Briefly essential

  • Estonia accuses Russia of re-occupying their airspace.
  • The Russians are said to have simulated a rocket attack against a NATO member.
  • The Estonian Ministry of Defense warns that “the threat has never been as serious as it is now.”

The Russian MI-8 helicopter continues to be used in the Ukrainian war and is one of the most important of the occupiers. Because with that Helicopter Can attack with rockets and machine guns.

Over the weekend, Russia reportedly occupied Estonia’s airspace with MI-8. At least this is what the Estonian authorities say.

For almost two minutes, the helicopter was in the southeast NATO– Member stopped. Previous But no flight plan has been submitted It was as the Estonian army says.

Ukraine war: Russia’s threat to Estonia “never so serious”

Also, the transponder was turned off. No air contact was maintained with Estonian air traffic control. Now there are fears that Russia will leave Transport helicopters launched another missile attack May have been simulated.

Gusti Salm, Secretary of State for the Estonian Ministry of Defense, talks about “a lot of provocative behavior on the border.” Because the weekend incident was not an isolated case. In the past year, Russian planes – military and civilian – have already crossed Estonian airspace five times.

Salm warns: “This is a picture of intimidation. She’s never been more serious than she is now.” The most recent event was a week before the launch NATOThe summit in Madrid was not a coincidence for Salm: “Apparently they are trying to create some sort of atmosphere before the summit.”

That the Ukraine wanted to join NATO Was Russian Government A pin Eye. This is sometimes a reason for the latter to start a war of aggression.

Do you think the war in Ukraine will end soon?

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