June 18, 2024

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The crocodile bit the man’s skull

Drone footage is a brutal attack

The crocodile bit off half of the swimmer’s skull

Shocking drone video shows alligator attacking Florida lake The animal holds the head of a man while swimming. He miraculously survived. But parts of his skull had to be removed.


Drone video shows an alligator swimming toward JC Falls in a Florida lake.

A drone should only film swimming JC failures (34). But instead she took up his life and death struggle!

On August 3, the American went into the water at Lake Thonotosa in Hillsborough County (Florida). He wanted to record a video for his sports company. As soon as he is in the lake, it happens: the crocodile swims directly towards the losers. In the video you can see how the animal bites the human head. He says in an interview that at first he felt like he had hit his face on a telephone pole WFXR Fox. “Then I felt the scales and the teeth, so I knew where I was,” he said.