May 24, 2024

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Man found on Facebook with buckets of body parts – Arrested

Man found on Facebook with buckets of body parts – Arrested

In the US state of Pennsylvania, police found buckets of body parts in a man’s apartment. He says he bought it on Facebook.


The essentials in a nutshell

  • Police found the remains of a man in the US state of Pennsylvania.
  • He bought bones, skin and organs on Facebook.
  • According to the lawyer, it was “the strangest case” of his career.

When they raided a house in the state of Pennsylvania, the police did not expect this. Jeremy finds several large buckets filled with human skin and organs in Pauly’s (40) basement. In addition, the resident of Enola possessed three complete human skeletons 20 human skulls.

Anyone who now suspects the worst is wrong. Pauly is by no means a serial killer, but describes himself as a “curio collector.” The state attorney’s office said in a statement that he purchased the body parts through Facebook.

“This is one of the strangest cases Who will I be in 33 years? Solicitor Experienced,” says Sean M. McCormack. “Then I thought I’d seen it all – something like that would happen.”

He bought body parts on Facebook

According to a media release, human hearts, brains, livers, lungs and skin were found at the base of Bali. Among the human remains was a child’s lower jaw and skull with hair attached.

Police discovered that the 40-year-old bought his “interests” on Facebook from a woman in Arkansas. It is said that body parts were stolen from the mortuary through this. Pauly paid a total of about 4000 USdollar For body parts.

Now self-proclaimed Collectors for desecrating corpses and liable for possession of stolen goods. Now he has paid 50,000 dollar Bail but again at large.

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