July 20, 2024

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Soviet-era Russian weapons are no match for Western artillery

Old Soviet-era weapons are no match for new Western artillery

“The Russians are suffocating”

Russians are choking on war against Ukraine, British Secret Service chief jokes. Apparently, Moscow’s old weapons from the Soviet era also affect its own ranks. “Poor children” act as cannon fodder, and emergency care for the injured is basic.

After British Defense Minister Ben Wallace (52), the head of British foreign intelligence MI6 also mocks Putin’s military. MI6 boss Richard Moore, 59, wrote on Twitter on Saturday that Moscow’s troops were “suffocating”.

Moore cites a UK Ministry of Defense Tweet from the previous day. “The Kremlin is increasingly desperate. Russia has lost tens of thousands of soldiers and is using Soviet-era weapons. Their outdated missiles are killing and injuring innocent Ukrainians,” the ministry wrote. “Russia will not win this unjust war.”