June 15, 2024

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Social media: IDF soldiers humiliate prisoners


BBC-ResearchVia social media: Israeli soldiers humiliate prisoners

According to a BBC investigation, Israeli soldiers are posting photos and videos online humiliating captured Palestinians.

Simon Misteli
  • The BBC examined 45 social media posts by Israeli soldiers who humiliated their prisoners.

  • The BBC exposed similar behavior in February. According to legal experts, the posts could be considered a war crime.

  • In addition, whistleblowers have recently exposed abuses in Israeli prison camps.

Lying or crouching on the ground with their eyes closed and hands tied behind their backs – this is how Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) soldiers portray their prisoners on social media. Sometimes the Israeli flag is placed over them, and sometimes the soldiers pose with the flag next to their prisoners. In the videos, they are ordered to shout “Aam Yisrael Chai”, meaning “The people of Israel live”.

After BBC Having already analyzed and reported on similar images in February, he examined 45 additional social media posts by Israeli soldiers showing the arrest of Palestinians in the now-occupied West Bank. According to legal experts, postings and publications on the Internet could constitute a war crime.

Inhuman culture

A former Israeli soldier, Ori Kivati, says he is not shocked that the activity continues, despite the IDF promising to take action on the BBC’s previous reports and findings about Israeli soldiers’ misconduct on social media.

Cavati is a spokesperson for Breaking the Silence, an organization for former Israeli soldiers that works to expose wrongdoing in the IDF. Kavati consistently finds that far-right rhetoric in Israel encourages such behavior. “There are no consequences. Israeli soldiers are encouraged and supported by the highest government ministers,” the army said. “There is already a culture in the army that denies the human nature of Palestinians. “They are just targets,” the ex-soldier continues.

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There can be no consequences

Dr. Mark Ellis, executive director of the International Bar Association, is calling for an IDF investigation into the incidents, the BBC reported. International human rights lawyer, Sir Geoffrey Nice, Dr. Ellis agrees, but is skeptical that anyone will be held accountable for the actions.

When asked by the BBC, the IDF responded: “The IDF holds its soldiers to a professional standard and investigates whether the conduct of soldiers is inconsistent with the values ​​of the IDF. In case of unacceptable behavior, players will be disciplined and suspended from reserve duty.

Prison camp whistleblowers

During Israel’s eight-month offensive in the Gaza Strip, the IDF has come under increasing criticism. In addition to the BBC’s analysis, whistleblowers have uncovered abuses in prison camps over the past week. CNN to die for reported.

Among other things, prisoners there are said to be beaten for no reason, left in nothing but diapers, and mistreated by trainers for their injuries. Detainees cleared of links to Hamas after trial are also unwilling to act as interpreters and remain incarcerated.

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