June 22, 2024

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Russia is planning to build a new nuclear powered submarine

A dozen nuclear missiles on board

Russia is planning to build a new super submarine

Russia will soon build a very advanced submarine fleet – 12 nuclear missiles and several mini-submarines. Now the first sketches for a new, potential naval vehicle have been delivered.


The design for the new submarine was provided by the Russian Submarine Design Bureau, Rubin.

Russia is apparently planning to develop a new type of submarine in the coming years. Russian submarine design bureau Rubin has now presented the design of an entirely new type of underwater vehicle.

Named “Arcturus” after the brightest star in the northern sky, the boat has an entirely new design. Unlike other submarines, the “Arcturus” is said to have an angular outer hull with sloping sides, writes US Navy expert HI Sutton, who has made a name for himself on Twitter in recent months. on his website. It has a more sophisticated aircraft-like design than a submarine.