July 23, 2024

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Putin plans to leave and fly to Bashar al-Assad in Syria

If Russia loses the war, the mood changes

Putin’s Syria Escape Plan

The Kremlin dictator is ready for any eventuality: Vladimir Putin is reportedly planning to leave Russia if the mood in the country changes. He has already decided who he wants to live with abroad: an old friend.

Russian President Vladimir Putin, 69, wants to leave Russia if he loses the war in Ukraine. That’s what a Russian insider in the Kremlin and a purported former Secret Service officer writes in a telegram. On his channel, he disseminates information about the Russian government and internal processes almost every day.

Russia has now prepared “exit plans” for Putin if Putin’s army is defeated in Ukraine and the country’s mood changes. The Russian president is in his sights Stockendon Donbass-Attack And the Russian economy, battered by sanctions, knows that mood swings and even rebellion are possible in the country.