June 15, 2024

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Private jets and luxury: The rich don’t care about climate protection

Private jets and luxury: The rich don’t care about climate protection


“I Don’t Fuck” – The young rich don’t care that much about the weather

Compared to the average citizen, the wealthy cause higher CO2 emissions. As a documentary shows, they don’t see this as a problem – or think in a “deluge after me” way.


These and other statements by Rich are currently making waves on the internet.


  • In a documentary, young people with lots of money share their views on climate change.

  • For example, one man demands that everyone be “less demanding” – and he cycles to the airport where his private jet is parked.

  • For individualist arguments, the Internet has almost exclusively scathing criticism.

A billionaire causes a million times more CO2 emissions than the average consumer. This is the conclusion of a study published in November 2022 by Oxfam, an international association of aid and development agencies. A significant part of the emissions is caused by investments, but the wealthy often enjoy their personal lives on a large scale: private jets are also used for short trips, and various consumer goods are diligently purchased without a shortage of cash.

There have never been so many private jets on the road

This event has it In a document the German research collective StrgF investigated in more detail. Because the country has more private vehicles on the road than ever before – often carrying only a handful of people. In 2022, these jets will take off from German airports more than 94,000 times, setting a new record. In the report, journalists talk to young, wealthy people and reveal that they have very limited or no climate awareness.

One of the interviewees landed his private jet on the German island of Sylt. She goes on In 2022 Rich’s Castle and briefly occupied by punks “Besieged”. When asked if he could have come by train, he says no. He once went from Silt to Hamburg, and it was “terrible”: the train was in complete disarray, the wagons were old.

“Reduce Claims”

When asked how to save CO2, he laughed and suggested that everyone needs less. For example, if Hamburg is considered the starting point of the flight, he rides his bike and cycles to the airport every day. Incidentally, modern regional and ICE trains are run by Deutsche Bahn to Sylt – but not enough to meet the demands of the man who preaches less demands.

One of those interviewed is 18-year-old Theo Stradman, who reportedly travels on a private jet and consumes freely. After all, you need to make an impression on Sild – arriving by train is ridiculous. The topic of climate protection is somehow not on his mind, and he blames his ignorance on a lack of education. He claims to have made his fortune independently through real estate and e-commerce.

“The rich don’t have much responsibility – but always win”

He rejects the argument that the rich have more responsibility – that as rich people they have “as much responsibility as people with little money”. But when it comes to power, according to Stratman, the situation is clear: “The rich always win, that’s the way. Because you have more power, period.” According to him, climate change is unstoppable anyway – that’s why he can “beat the c***”.

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The research team’s conclusion at the end of the documentary is sobering: “Without the super-rich, we can’t meet climate goals. And we can’t count on their goodwill,” the spokesperson said. “Maybe some people think their wealth will save them from future droughts, fires and floods.”

More anger and greater misunderstanding on the web

The reactions on the Internet are also clear: Swiss communications scientist Marko Govic posted a video of the rich man riding a bicycle on his private jet and wrote only that “no satire”. Other users express their opinion more clearly: “Nothing in life is torn, only benefit from dad’s money, and then be extremely arrogant.” Another furiously writes: “Little bag **** serious.”

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