May 26, 2024

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Leah Halton: She is the most viral girl on TikTok


Record breaking likesThe most popular woman on TikTok is Leah Halton (23).

Australian set to break new Tik Tok record But who is the 23-year-old who turns the heads of millions?

Katja Fassler

Leah Halton enchants millions with this short clip.

  • 23-year-old Leah Halton is going viral on TikTok with a simple lip sync clip.

  • Tik Tok rose to Olympus in a very short time.

  • The Australian introduces himself for 20 minutes.

Who is Leah Halton?

With 7.8 million followers and a total of 200 million likes on TikTok, Leah Halton is currently the most popular woman on TikTok. The 23-year-old Australian initially rose to fame through YouTube. There she mainly entertains her community with make-up tutorials and vlogs. As a model, she likes to show off her talent for fashion and creative looks on Instagram. Leah Lucia lives in Halton, Melbourne. Name of his TikTok channel @loooooooooch An abbreviation of Lucia refers to the nickname Looch.

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YG Marley's lip sync to “Brace Ja in the Moodnlight” is her most watched video ever, with over 660 million views and counting. The video has been liked more than 45 million times, which is already a record.

Leah seems to have come out of nowhere, but she's been active on YouTube for four years. Her meteoric rise on TikTok is reminiscent of Bella Porche, 27, who in 2020 garnered more than 729 million views and 63.5 million likes with a short clip. The Filipino-American became a social media megastar and made it into the Guinness Book of Records for the most liked video of all time.

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But Leia is at Bella's feet. With her viewership, she is currently on the Tiktok Olympus and has been compared to American influencer Charlie D'Amelio (19), considered the most successful woman ever on Tiktok. The online community recognizes Lea as a combination of Adriana Lima and Megan Fox in her younger years.

love life

Leah occasionally talks about her feelings or romantic experiences on YouTube. In one of her vlogs, she talks about how she once incredibly received a basket from a guy. But he didn't want to know anything about her because she “had braces and nose hairs.” She was 14 at the time and still insecure. The rejection hit her hard.

Today, an influencer cannot protect himself from admirers, as the comment columns on his channels show. But she has long given her heart, namely to her boyfriend Adrian. She often shows closeness with him on Instagram and YouTube. “A true dream couple,” fans think.

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