May 26, 2024

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Have you seen these giant snacks from China yet?

Have you seen these giant snacks from China yet?

Video: Watson/Lucas Zolinger

17.04.2024, 14:3217.04.2024, 15:58

You are a Cleaner Snack lover? Then you might want to consider a trip to the Middle Kingdom. Many videos about “El Dorado” for snack lovers (El Dorito?) are currently trending on social media. And this golden land for all junk food lovers is located in China's Hunan Province. And what makes the place so special? Well, quite simply. He has a huge…

Video: Watson/Lucas Zolinger

Big human bodies like chip bags, cereal packets and cookie boxes, plus an instant ramen cup or a soda can, the contents of which can fill an entire baby's bath. It is part of the range found at the “Changsha Super Snack Store” in the Chinese city of the same name. The shop – like its snacks – is now on everyone's lips. Dozens of videos of excessive snacks are going viral on social media.

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Enter the world of trendy snacks:

According to reports, people queue up for hours in front of the two-story land full of milk and honey just to enter. Chinese or foreigners from other regions who cannot or do not want to travel to Mecca (or Snake?) (pilgrimage) have to pay to buy this snack, even from locals. Because: There is no online store and giant products are not shipped. This may have something to do with complex logistics involving such large packages, Some online media speculated. So if you want a slice of the giant cake, you'll have to go to Changsha yourself. Or know someone there. (lzo)

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Buon apetito retro! An Italian snack ad from yesteryear


Buon apetito retro! An Italian snack ad from yesteryear

Welcome to the colorful world of Italian advertising in the sixties, seventies and eighties!

They are: /

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