May 26, 2024

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The advertising leader wants to distribute buses in Austria


Internet phenomenonNow Austria also has to fear the “advertisement master”.

In his spare time, 18-year-old Niklas Matthei hunts and reports parking offenders across Germany. Now he wants to live his hobby in Austria.

Justin Arbor
  • The “advertising master” announced in an interview that the road traffic regulations will soon be implemented in Austria.

  • Niclas Matthei wants to distribute buses there by 2024.

  • It is not yet certain whether the 18-year-old will also come to Switzerland.

A report by Spiegel TV turned 18-year-old Niklas Matthei, the “Anzeigenhauptmeister,” into an Internet phenomenon. His goal is to report at least one illegal parking offender in every German community. But now that doesn't seem like enough for him and he wants to be active in neighboring countries.

“Of course I will soon be active in Austria as well. This year,” he says in an interview with “Klein Zeitung”. His goal is to catch 10,000 parking offenders this year alone.

Physical attacks

The 18-year-old has been physically assaulted several times because of his leisure activities. Still, he doesn't think about quitting: “There were never, never will be such thoughts. Whatever happens, I won't let anything or anyone stop me, I'll keep going,” he says.

The teenager told 20 Minutes that Switzerland also appealed to him in early March. “If I travel to Switzerland, I'll go to Zurich because it's the biggest city. There are definitely more people there than the village. Before that, he says we should memorize our road traffic regulations.