July 23, 2024

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Kremlin cadets sing about dead comrades: “Come home in a body bag”

Kremlin cadets sing about dead comrades: “Come home in a body bag”

Ukraine war

“Your journey ends in a body bag” – Kremlin cadets sing of dead comrades

At an event in the city of Krasnodar, Russian army cadets sang about their comrades killed in the war in Ukraine – sometimes with gruesome phrases.


Depending on your point of view, the cadets’ song can be either very patriotic or incredibly cynical.


“Mom, I know you’ll hear, and soon you’ll get the news, then tearfully say. ‘You’re coming home!'” was sung confidently by four army cadets as part of a song contest in Krasnodar. After that, however, the tone clearly changed: “You were faithful, widowed your wife, and completed your long journey – in a plane carrying 200 cargo.”

Cargo 200 is a code word used to transport military casualties from the Soviet era. The origin of the term is suspected in the 1984 order. At that time, the Soviet government stipulated that the maximum weight of dead soldiers in the Afghan war was 200 kilograms.

The group wins the competition with the song Body Bag

It goes terribly. “Throwing the last of your life into the sky! Thank you for your eyes and your loyalty to the motherland, your pure heart and thank you for never giving up. Thank you for not fighting to get a thank you!” As the Telegram channel that posted the video writes protokol_band, the group even won a singing competition with their song.

The video provoked mixed reactions from Russian viewers. Although a user writes “Thank you for your persistence – success is ours”, the term is usually negative. One user described the look as crazy with a sad smiley, while another described the cadets as “young idiots suffering from a pseudo-patriotic upbringing”.

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“Singing Their Own Funeral”

“Maybe you need to show videos of Michael Nucky to wake up the Russian people,” he continues. Nucky is a Russian writer and runs a YouTube channel that dissects official Kremlin statements about the war, which are often false or embellished.

“Instead of asking what they can really do with their lives or how they can really help their mothers and future wives, they reverently sing about their own funerals. Well done, dear serfs».

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