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Ex-boyfriend wants to sue her for surveillance!

Ex-boyfriend wants to sue her for surveillance!

Juan Carlos and Corinna Suzanne-Widgenstein have been in a relationship for many years. The old king is said to have intimidated the businessman. Now she wants to sue him.

Summarize the essentials

  • Juan Carlos fled to Abu Dhabi from corruption scandal.
  • Now her ex-boyfriend wants to drag the old king to court.
  • Reason: Juan Carlos is said to have spied on and intimidated her after falling in love.

Juan Carlos I (83), the former King of Spain, fled to Abu Dhabi for more than a year to escape corruption. But the negative headlines about the former king do not want to diminish even in deportation …

King Felipe’s father (53) is considered a feminist and has never been loyal to his wife Sophia (83). According to the Spanish media, the old king had 5,000 lovers. One of them: Corinna Sue-Widgenstein (57).

The two have been in a relationship for many years and Juan Carlos is said to have proposed marriage to a Danish businessman. Absolutely Love However, there was Haas! Corinna accused Royal of spying on her after falling in love in 2009. According to her, the 83-year-old wanted to tarnish her reputation.

Now Juan Carlos pulls in with Sine-Widgenstein about this Court. Among the court files available for “Sunday Mail” is “Continuous Threats, Assault, Violation and Surveillance”. Your lawyers consider the use of foreign agents, especially on British soil, as a reason for a detailed investigation.

And Juan Carlos? So far, he has relied on the fact that he will not be offered as a former king because of his diplomatic immunity Court Can pull. Will it change now?

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