June 13, 2024

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Ecuador: Woman who was declared dead is now dead

Ecuador: Woman who was declared dead is now dead


The woman who was declared dead has now passed away

Bella Montoya was still alive in her own wake and crashing into the coffin. He died at the age of 76.


A seemingly dead woman wakes up in a coffin in Ecuador.


  • A group of people mourned the loss of a family member in Ecuador.

  • She never died.

  • After knocking over her coffin, she was taken to the hospital.

  • Now she is dead.

76-year-old Bella Montoya from Ecuador is now literally dead, and her relatives have to say goodbye to her for the second time.

Mantoya was taken to hospital last Friday with a stroke and suspected heart and lung failure. As she failed to respond to resuscitation efforts, the doctor on duty pronounced her dead. A mistake, it turned out to be a short time after waking up. As mourners gather around the coffin of the presumed dead, a strange noise is heard from it. The son later reported that his mother was breathing heavily in it. She lay in the coffin for five hours.

He was immediately taken to hospital in intensive care – and, as the Guardian reports, died. Ecuador’s health minister confirmed in a statement that Bella Montoya did not wake up after the stroke. Now, according to her son, the body is back where she was found a few days ago.

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