May 24, 2024

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Briton († 21) killed off at the Hotel Adelphi in Liverpool

Terrible accident in Liverpool

Britton († 21) killed by wardrobe in hotel

A young British woman has been killed by a wardrobe in a hotel in Liverpool. The mother suspects that the cupboard is not screwed properly. She now wants to do everything to solve the case.


Chloe H., 21, died after a night out in Liverpool.

A night of partying ended in death for a young Brit in Liverpool. Chloe H.* († 21) was killed by a wardrobe. The accident took place at the Adelphi Hotel.

H in Liverpool with a friend to attend an engagement party. Both shared a hotel room. Her boyfriend allegedly brought her back to the hotel room because she drank too much, the deceased’s mother (49) tells the Liverpool Echo. The friend then returned to the party.