July 23, 2024

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British army chief reveals what Putin is really like

Is he sick?

British army chief reveals what Putin is really like

There is constant speculation about Vladimir Putin’s health. He is said to be unwell. Now the British military chief is revealing what the Kremlin leader is really like.

Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin, 69, is reportedly unwell. Over the past few months, there has been much speculation about the Russian president’s health. As soon as Putin was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease, others talked about cancer. Accordingly, the 69-year-old is currently undergoing chemotherapy.

Krylo Budanov, 36, the head of Ukraine’s secret service, said at the end of June that Ukrainian spies were smuggled into the Kremlin – and that he knew about Vladimir Putin’s health. Accordingly, the Kremlin boss is “seriously ill”. Butanov does not provide any information about what kind of disease it should be. Only this much is clear: Putin does not have long life ahead of him. He will die in two years.