May 21, 2024

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Biden at the scene of the accident – the snow-covered bridge in Pittsburgh collapsed – News

  • The snow-covered bridge that carried a major transport link in Pittsburgh collapsed.
  • The bridge collapsed about 20 meters into the pedestrian walkway in the park. Three people were injured.
  • President Joe Biden has called for the reconstruction of 45,000 dilapidated bridges in the country.

President Joe Biden has called for more efforts to repair 45,000 dilapidated bridges in the country following the collapse of a bridge in the US state of Pennsylvania.

We must act now.

“We don’t need headlines that people were killed when the next bridge collapsed,” Biden said during a visit to Pittsburgh. “We have to act now,” he demanded. He promised that the huge infrastructure rehabilitation package he would present through Congress would help rehabilitate thousands of bridges.

Biden: “We will rebuild the bridge”

Ahead of a speech in the long-planned Pittsburgh, Biden visited the site of the crash on Thursday morning when the snow-covered bridge collapsed. “Your condition has been classified as bad for ten years,” Biden said. At the scene of the accident, Biden thanked the rescue workers for their work. We will rebuild the bridge, he said.

According to Pittsburgh Mayor Ed Cainy, there were no casualties in the collapse. Three people were injured. “We are lucky,” he said. The bridge, the city’s main transport link, was last inspected last September. The pictures showed a bus and some vehicles on the remains of the bridge. The U.S. Traffic Safety Board (NTSB) sent the first team of experts to the crash site to investigate the cause of the crash.

We are lucky.

Biden last year signed an assembly package designed to modernize the country’s infrastructure. About $ 550 billion in new infrastructure investments are planned over the next few years. In total – including previously estimated funds – the volume of the package is over one trillion US dollars. Infrastructure attack was one of the major domestic political projects during Biden’s tenure.