June 22, 2024

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Biden and three other former presidents are campaigning just ahead of crucial midterm elections

Trumpists May Win Midterms

President Biden, Obama, Clinton, Trump are involved in the campaign

Current and three former US presidents intervened in the campaign in the last minute in the final push ahead of Tuesday’s crucial US midterm elections. Trumpists may seize power in Congress and Senate.


Former US President Barack Obama (left) and incumbent Joe Biden join the campaign trail for the midterm elections.

In the United States, former presidents are officially known as “Mr. President” addressed. Four “Mr. Presidents” are campaigning just ahead of the crucial midterm elections. Current President Joe Biden (79), along with former President Barack Obama (61), warned Tuesday, November 8, that a lot is at stake. “Democracy is really on the ballot,” Biden said.

Obama made a similar statement on the same campaign stage in Philadelphia: “Truth and facts, logic and reason and basic decency are on the ballot,” former President Donald Trump’s predecessor, 76, said of the Republican candidates. Democracy is on the cutting edge: “Midterm elections are no joke,” Obama said. Democrats are in danger of losing their narrow majority in the US Congress. Also, the race for a majority in the US Senate, where the majority of Democrats currently hold only by voting rights. Vice President Kamala Harris (58) Safe is tight.