April 15, 2024

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Baskira Beach in Albania has some of the bluest waters in the world

The waters off the coast of Baskira, Albania are very blue.

The waters off the coast of Baskira, Albania are very blue.

Imago Images/Peter Schickert


Strand in EuropeYou will be surprised where the bluest water in the world is

Is clear, blue water only found on the beaches of exotic holiday destinations? Incorrect. Albania has the bluest beaches in the world.

Selena Euchner

Where is the sandy beach white and where is the water blue? These are the questions that arise when dreaming about vacation planning. But you don't have to travel that far to swim in the bluest waters of the world. The water at a beach in Albania is the bluest in the world, according to new research.

Also known as Mirror Beach, Baskira in Albania has earned the title of having the bluest water beach in the world. The blue waters surpass even the famous beaches of Maldives, Mauritius, Bora Bora, Croatia and Greece.

Shades of blue were analyzed

This was revealed in an investigation conducted by CV Villas, a villa rental company. The exact color tone of the water was determined by accurate color analysis of unedited images from Google Maps. It was then compared to the official blue color to determine which water tone came closest.

The Greek Voulisma beach also appears in the rankings.  He is ranked sixth.

The Greek Voulisma beach also appears in the rankings. He is ranked sixth.

IMAGO/Pond5 Images

So for snorkeling fans and beach lovers it is now clear: the blue coast is in Albania. However, the company has created a list of all the blue dots in the world. Many European beaches are doing surprisingly well.

All the top ten places are occupied by European beaches. In total, 26 out of 30 particularly blue beaches are in Europe. It also includes travel destinations in Bulgaria, France, Montenegro and Scotland. Especially blue: Greece. The country dominates the list with five places in the top ten – a total of seven places in the top 30.

These are the top ten

1. Mirror Beach, Albania

2. Paralia Mpouka (Long Beach), Greece

3. Cassiopi, Greece

4. Plage de la Vernette, France

5. Kaputas Strand, Turkey

6. Voulisma Strand, Greece

7. Fokki Beach, Greece

8. Carvalho Beach, Portugal

9. Ombrogiolos, Greece

10. Los Lances Beach, Spain

Have you visited any of these beaches yet? how was it

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