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Aurora Borealis: The Polar Light Show in Northern Germany

Aurora Borealis: The Polar Light Show in Northern Germany

Aurora Borealis

Northern Lights View in Northern Germany

Typically, the scientifically named aurora borealis is found in the far north of Europe. For once, skygazers didn’t have to drive that far.


Aurora Borealis in Rovaniemi, Finland – Northern Scandinavia is part of the northern lights during the winter months. (September 25, 2020)


  • Anyone watching in northern Germany during the night from Sunday to Monday got a prize.

  • Several users on Twitter reported the northern lights.

  • The sky glowed green and red.

It appeared overnight in Wechta, in the northern German state of Lower Saxony, from Sunday to Monday. Northern Lights, also known as Aurora Borealis, was called. They were also found in Schleswig-Holstein and other federal states – from Amran in the northwest to Rostock in the northeast.

Normally we are used to the northern lights from Norway, Sweden and Finland during the dark winter months. But once upon a time, people in the southern regions were able to enjoy the northern lights.

There is also a good chance to marvel at the northern lights in northern Germany in autumn 2021. At that time, the cause is a strong solar flare, the orientation of the magnetic field of the aurora cloud plays a role. Andreas Vogel, head of the Olbers Planetarium in Bremen, said at the time: “The northern lights are like playing the lottery. All of that cannot be predicted. But the opportunities are greater than ever. As a result, those who woke up last night also won the lottery.

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