June 18, 2024

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The beginning of summer is sticking around – and it’s getting even hotter

The beginning of summer is sticking around – and it’s getting even hotter

Weather forecast

The beginning of summer is sticking around – and it’s getting even hotter

After a rainy spring, early summer weather prevailed this week. The thermometer showed about 25 degrees every day. This will continue into next week, with even heat at times.


The thermometer has been climbing above 25 degrees for several days, even over 28 degrees in some areas such as the Valais.


  • Summer will be hot next week.

  • This is due to high viola.

  • There may be rain at a few places over hilly areas and south.

The bars on the banks of the garden are packed Swiss lakes and rivers People cavort, people go swimming or play outdoor sports. The weather this week gave us a wonderful start to the summer months. The thermometer climbed above 25 degrees every day, even over 28 degrees in some areas like Valais.

The reason for the good weather is Hoch Viola. As MeteoNews writes, this has become a real long-term problem and will not change its situation in the coming week. Although the humid air in the Alps and the south increases the risk of thunderstorms in these areas, it is very sunny and warm in early summer. Over the low-lying areas, mostly weak winds will slow the formation of cumulus clouds, but there may be occasional showers or thunderstorms through the weekend and into the second half of the day, especially from Tuesday.

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Note the morning convection

MeteoNews continues: “The Midlands have less rain and thunderstorms compared to the mountains and the south, but significantly more sun. Temperatures remain constant in early summer, at least until the end of the upcoming work week, usually around 23 to 27 degrees.

“By next Friday it will usually be around 23 to 27 degrees.”

Roger Perrett, Media News

But watch out for the so-called morning convection that meteorologists dread. This is because it is very difficult to estimate and predict. “In the morning, cumulus clouds will increase periodically, which may trigger local showers and thunderstorms, over mountains and lowlands. The mechanism behind the morning convection is under-researched,” writes Roger Perret from MeteoNews.

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