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Archers attack – Norwegian archers detained four weeks ago – News


In Kansberg, Norway, a man killed five people with a bow and arrow. The accused is now said to be in custody for four weeks. What do we know so far about this case.

What is the current status of the investigation: Following the violence in Kansberg, Norway, a Norwegian court on Friday sentenced the suspect to four weeks in custody – the first two weeks in solitary confinement. The court also banned visits, media and letters. The 37-year-old cannot be expected to spend his remand in jail: according to the public prosecutor, the Norwegian newspaper “Verdans Gang” reported on Friday that the person is now being cared for by doctors.

After questioning a man who allegedly carried a gun in Kansberg, Norway, police believe the man may be mentally ill. “Our hypothesis is that the background is a disease,” Police Inspector Thomas Omholt told a news conference Friday. At least two forensic psychiatrists should now evaluate whether the man is OK.

So far, that person has not been charged with one terrorist act, but five times murder. However, it is being re-evaluated, the police inspector said.


Crime scene locked in Kansberg: Police also guarded the trail Thursday.


What do we know about the culprit: The accused is 37-year-old Dan, who lives in Norway. Police on Thursday confirmed that the suspect was already in the attention of authorities as there were signs of aggravation. Evidence indicated that he had converted to Islam. That person is known to the police for other crimes. Dan has already been convicted twice, according to the Norwegian news agency NDP. Among other things, he allegedly threatened to kill family members.

How the attack happened: Many people complained to the police that an armed man was moving through the city on Wednesday evening and shot people with a bow and arrow. Five minutes later he was on a police patrol. However, officers fired arrows and the man was able to escape.

Finally, he was arrested half an hour after the first emergency call, according to police. Attacks took place in several places in the city of Kansberg. The culprit went to a large area, investigators said.

In Norway, the bow and arrow are not considered a weapon, but rather a piece of sports equipment so anyone can buy it freely. They may not be used for hunting.

What do you know about victims and casualties: Four women and a man were killed in the attack. According to police, the victims were between 50 and 70 years old. Officials said the number of injured on Thursday was three, after talking about two people who had been injured earlier.

How politics and the public react: Bruno Kaufman, a SRF Northern European employee, said: “This action casts a dark shadow over Norway.

The Prime Minister of Norway pays a visit to Kansberg

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The new Prime Minister Jonas Kahar Store visited Kansberg on his second day. Store and Justice Minister Emily Enger Mehl placed flowers in the square in front of the supermarket where part of the play took place.

The store said people across the country have been hit hardest by the horrific event that claimed so many lives that it was horrific and clever. “We need to stand together and be with each other when we have a crisis in Kansberg today,” Storey said, “but prevent it from happening again like this.”

However, it went according to the government’s handover plan. “Such attacks send a signal that democracy is not in danger,” Kaufman said. Former Prime Minister Erna Solberg also expressed his condolences. “Our thoughts first go to the victims and their relatives,” he said in Oslo.


Tough introduction: Prime Minister Jonas Care Store takes office (as planned) in the morning after the deadly attack.


The King of Norway expressed his condolences in a letter of condolence to the mayor of the city of Harold V: “The rest of the country is behind you.”

That’s why the attack brings back bad memories

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Ten years ago Norway experienced the worst terrorist attack in its modern history. On July 22, 2011, a right-wing terrorist detonated a bomb hidden in a transporter in the state district of Oslo, killing eight people.

He then flew to the island of Udaya, 30 kilometers away, where he pretended to be a police officer and opened fire on participants at the annual summer camp of the Social Democratic Workers’ Party youth organization.

69 people, mostly youths and youths, were killed in Udaya. The killer named his actions right-wing extremist and Islamophobic motives. In 2012 he was sentenced to a maximum of 21 years in prison.

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